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Vladimir Nosyrev is a recording & mixing engineer and producer from Saint-Petersburg Russia. His credits include UK Grammy nominated producer and songwriter David Courtney (Sayer, Daltrey, Tina Turner), Swedish producer Lennart Östlund (ABBA, Roxette), Marina Kapuro,  Ploho, Pinkshinyultrablast (twice their records were in the top three best shoegaze albums of the year according to, Zimovye Zverov, Lenzvuk, Zhvaka Gals, Tom Mod, KnyaZz, Pilot, IP Orchestra, КняZz, Pilot, Raznie Ludi, Adaptacia, ElectricpartiZans and many other projects . 

Started a professional career at the AnTrop Studio with the first Russian independent producer Andrey Tropillo and from 2011 works at the Petersburg Recording Studio. He studied with the five-time Grammy winner mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge.
His works are played on various radio stations and hits the charts in Russia, Europe and America - BBC 6, BBC 1, UK Top 40, Surf Rock Radio (UK), Slacker (USA), Nashe Radio (RUS), Radio Russia and etc.
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